niall imitating harry’s signature dance move from xfactor bootcamp


Blake Lively announced her pregnancy on Preserve x

"Look, I’m really serious about Holly, and I kind of think the only person that needs to know that is Holly."

Anonymous said:
Do you like bacon? Wanna strip?

Honestly, i saw the first part and thought hell yeah!

Then i read the next line and died because that is a fantastic pick up line for me considering how much i love bacon. So for you anon, anytime


"not everything has to be about lesbians" incorrect 0/10 you fail this class


ariana grande literally turned away from her catholic upbringing as soon as the pope said that homosexuality and working women were sins bc she didn’t want to have faith in sexism and homophobia, she has gay representation in both the lyrics and videos of her new album, is a self described feminist, regularly calls interviewers out on their sexism and ppl on this site shit on her because of how she looks like how fucking misogynistic is that


coming out as gay/trans (etc) as a joke on facebook is offensive and i’m sick of it being used for cheap humour when there are people being thrown out of their homes and killed after coming out because they can’t just “laugh it off”



Allstate has launched a beautiful campaign aimed at members of the LGBTQ community. Thanks, Allstate! <3

This made me so happy


these kids these days don’t know our struggle


these kids these days don’t know our struggle


do u ever see a fandom and automatically think “chill”

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